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Today, our king penguins Ethel and Elliot, along with gentoo penguins CJ, Oshie, Linus, Sunny, Double, and Trouble, took a quick field trip in the snow to visit their neighbors, polar bear Kali and grizzly bears Huck and Finley.

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You can not convince me this isn't hilarious and ompletely worth a hedgefund going out of business.

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My partner sent me this post and it really really helped me reframe how I think about how I live my life as a person with chronic/mental illness

There are no rules. Run the dishwasher twice.

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From my daughterβ€˜s Instagram stories...made me well up a bit.

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@threefourteen@twitter.com @WhiskeyAndSoba@twitter.com Jamieson and McCausland just wet.

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I still don't know what's the deal with the stock market, but hey, more power to the peoples.

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YouTube Removes Thousands Of Underperforming Covid Misinformation Videos bit.ly/39pdSyK

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I have an auto-replace in my OS settings that changes β€œducks” to β€œfucks” (because how often do I talk about ducks, really?)

Welp. I just accidentally did a β€œ/me fucks and runs” in Slack in a public channel in response to something my CTO said.

My CTO who is also my husband.

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Update; I still can not get enough of this (sound on)

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engineering πŸ‘πŸ”¨πŸ‘Ž

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@JayHarris_Sec@twitter.com @fak3r@twitter.com TFW you don't get DPRK free 0 days

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@Jim_Jordan@twitter.com You're right Gymbo.

She doesn't wear A mask when going to and from the podium. She wears TWO.

While at the podium, and safely distanced, she removes them for clarity.

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Slightly tempted by this local sale post. I would fill it with art or action figures, though. πŸ€” alt text= 1960 cigarette machine, Aqua blue

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